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In addition to our own LMS, Training.com, our wide range of learning technology services includes LMS platform implementation, an assessment engine, and integration.

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Affordable Learning Technology Services – Configured to your needs

There is a host of learning management systems to choose from and NIIT’s premier, on-demand learning management system (LMS), Training.com can be the affordable answer to all your training needs. Training.com is a full-featured, fully hosted application that can be configured to meet a variety of business needs. The LMS provides advanced customization, configuration, and integration capabilities as compared to a more traditional software application, without the need to invest, install or maintain any hardware or software.

NIIT’s platform supports several learners worldwide and includes detailed tracking, skills assessment and management, and reporting options. Equipped with 24 x 7 user support and the ability to deploy proprietary courses, NIIT’s LMS provides significant operational efficiencies and commercial benefits at lower costs with faster implementation.

In addition to our LMS, we also offer a wide range of learning technology services including LMS Platform Implementation, Assessment Engine and integration. Our operation and support services include customization, maintenance, technical support, and hosting for Training.com.


Reduction in LMS costs


User support


Guaranteed uptime excluding planned downtime


Training.com is a one-stop LMS and administrative solution which eliminates the technical obstacles to deploy a cost-effective, scalable, learning program for an enterprise. Our LMS enables scheduling, tracking and reporting on training, certifications and qualifications for individual employees, contractors, or workgroups. Training.com allows organizations to drive training results with an easy-to-implement, secure, and customizable web-based application that has robust features to manage learners, content, and programs integrated with Business Intelligence, Content Management, Financial Management & Vendor Management systems. NIIT manages all aspects of hosting, system upgrades, course uploads, security, and maintenance.

Reference materials

Multi organization management

Training feedback, suggestion and complaint management

Vendor and resource management

User administration

Virtual labs and classrooms


Instructor-led classroom training

Professional development management

Content administration and delivery


Self-paced online learning

Financial management


The NIIT Advantage

Maintenance Schedule

The Maintenance Window is a prescribed, preventive, and scheduled maintenance operation, planned in advance by NIIT technical personnel for the periodic maintenance of the operating system, networking devices, and servers. This activity ensures that all elements that can potentially cause disruption of services are proactively maintained. Maintenance windows are scheduled every second Saturday of the month per our calendar.



✓ Manage quality

✓ Increase accountability

✓ Accelerate innovation

✓ Adoption of new delivery modes


✓ Reduce costs (15%-25%)

✓ Shift from fixed to variable costs

✓ Free up facilities

✓ Reduce headcount

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NIIT is a market-leading, pure-play Managed Training Services company with over 41 years of experience in learning outsourcing. With a global footprint that spans over 40 countries, we help the world’s leading companies dramatically improve L&D effectiveness and efficiency.